Kolluru Mookambika Temple

Kolluru Mookambika Temple is located in Kolluru of Udupi District in Karnataka. This temple has a rich historical and mythological significance. As one of the holiest shrines in India. Goddess Mookambika is one of the avataras of Saraswati, who is known as the patron goddess of education and fine arts.

Skanda Purana says that the jyothirlinga of Sri Mookambika is the unification of Purusha and Prakruthi. It is said that Lord Krishna along with Rukmini and Satyabhama observed Sambavrutham at Mookambika Temple. The temples sees a huge turn out on a daily basis, where devotes visit the temple in large numbers.

Located on the NH. 17, the temple is easily accessible by roads from almost anywhere in the state. You have direct buses to Kolluru from Bangalore, Chennai, Guruvayoor, Kannur, Shimogga etc. You can also travel in your own vehicles. There is also a direct rain connectivity to the city as well, which is one of the most convenient ways to reach this place.

Apart from the Kolluru Mookambika temple, there are a number of different places around the temple you can visit. The Souparnika River is one such place. Located in the midst of serene nature, this is ideal for a morning dip or an evening stroll.

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