Authentic Udupi Cuisine

Udupi has an interesting Tulava Mangalorean cuisine, which is primarily vegetarian. The food has a distinctive flavour of its own, and is a treat unto itself. When in Udupi, it is recommended that you experience this delightful cuisine at least once.

The food available in this region is usually made from locally available ingredients, which gives it a unique taste. The cuisine strictly adheres to the satvik tradition, where no onions or garlic are used. Any meat, fish and poultry are also prohibited in the traditional Udupi cuisine.

Udupi cuisine regularly uses pumpkins and a number of gourds in its thin lentil curry known as sambar. Other ingredients regularly used in these dishes includes pepper, coconut, raw green banana, red chillies etc.

Although Udupi has no dearth of hotels, it is recommended that try the meals provided at the temples. These temples provide at least one meal per day to all of its devotees, free of cost. This food is hygienically prepared on a daily basis, and is served by the temple staff themselves. The food served in the temples are taken as prasadam- a religious offering from God.

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