History of Kukke Subramanya temple

Kukke Subramanya temples is located in the town of Subhramanya in Sulliya Taluk. It is a small, but a highly popular sacred shrines that is dedicated to Lord Subramanya. One of the first mentions of the temps is in Skanda Purana. According to a chapter named Shyadtikhanda, Subhramaya Kshetra is located on the banks of Rive Dhara.

Skanda Purana also details the origins of Kukke Subramanya Temple. The Snake King Vasuki was hiding in the Biladvara cave, which is located near the temple to escape from Garuda,w ho was hunting snakes to satisfy his hunger. Despite Vasuki’s best efforts, Garuda found him and began taunting him. This is when Sage Kashyapa Muni intervened and instructed Garuda to fly to Ramanaka islands (known as Figi islands today) to hunt for snakes. He also suggested Vasuki to pray to Lord Shiva for protection. Shiva appeared to Vasuki and informed him that in the next Kalpa, his son Karthikeya will reside there and will bless them and protect them.

The scriptures of Shankara Vijaya mentions in detail that Sri Adi Shankaracharya visited a place called Bhaje Kukke Lingam, which is the same as today’s Subhramanya Kshetra.

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