A package tour comprises of transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. Other services may be provided such a rental car, activities or outings during the holiday. Transport can be via charter airline to a foreign country, and may also include travel between areas as part of the holiday. Package holidays are organized by a tour operator and sold to a consumer by a travel agent.

Dynamic packaging is a method that is becoming increasingly used in package holiday booking procedures that enables consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, and rental car instead of a pre-defined package.

Few Reasons for Vacationing With the Help of Tour Packages

Save you from the Trouble of Finding Accommodation: The first reason why a tourist should get a tour package is that it saves you from the trouble of looking for a suitable place to live. Tour packages have rooms booked in hotels for the tourists beforehand, so that they do not have to go searching for rooms when they touch down in to town.

Provide Pick and Drop Facilities: It offers you pick and drop facilities to and from the airport or railway station. Almost every tour package offer free pick & drop services to the tourists, greatly easing out their vacations.

Offer Amazing Sightseeing Tours: It provides amazing sightseeing tours for the visitors who are new to the town and do not know about the town’s landmark monuments and buildings. Almost all tour packages come with a trained and knowledgeable tour guide who takes the visitors out to see what the two towns have to offer them.

Holiday packages tend to allow a greater level of flexibility, with the dates and activities it’s very much a more comfortable way of planning your next holiday. By allowing the travel agent to take care of everything you will guarantee yourself a stress free and enjoyable vacation. Most people will buy holiday packages for this reason alone, travel agents tend to pick reputable businesses which are already tested by their clients.

It is also worth noting that tour operators are able to negotiate size able discounts from the attractions, accommodation and affiliated industries. Because they have large buying power which means the discounts can be passed along to the customer and with so many of these companies operating competition amongst them for our custom ensures that the prices remain relatively affordable.

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Do you need to rent a car?

The best way to explore your holiday destination is do it by yourself and to explore the place on your own terms. Renting a car with a personal chauffeur will enable you to see all the places you want to see, without having to plan your travel around public transport. Having a driver by your side will also enable you to visit a number of places that are beyond the usual tourist spots.

Visit places you want to see!

Renting a car will ensure that you visit places that interest you. If you are a nature lover, you will get to visit forests and nature parks, if ancient architecture interests you, you can skip the lake and visit some temples instead.

You will literally be making your own itinerary on the go! With a driver who is familiar with the terrain by your side, you will also be able to experience local food at restaurants that serve authentic local cuisines. This is one of the best ways to have an immersive experience at your destination.

Stay safe

With a chauffeur driven car, you can be sure of you safety. A well-experienced driver will be aware of shorter routes to your destination, and will be able to give you an accurate estimate of your arrival. This is extremely helpful in making your plans for the day, thus ensuring an eventful trip for the day.

Renting a car in India

When renting a car in India, the cost includes a suitable driver who will accompany you on your travel. You can choose from hatchbacks and sedans to luxury cars, depending on your trip, the number of people travelling and your other travel requirements.


Renting a car for your travel varies greatly depending on the vehicle you choose. The rates are generally calculated on the per kilometre basis, and any toll charges have to be borne by the clients. You will also have to pay for the fuel, which will be adjusted to the final bill, thus it is recommended that you retain the receipts from the fuel bunk.

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Authentic Udupi Cuisine

Udupi has an interesting Tulava Mangalorean cuisine, which is primarily vegetarian. The food has a distinctive flavour of its own, and is a treat unto itself. When in Udupi, it is recommended that you experience this delightful cuisine at least once.

The food available in this region is usually made from locally available ingredients, which gives it a unique taste. The cuisine strictly adheres to the satvik tradition, where no onions or garlic are used. Any meat, fish and poultry are also prohibited in the traditional Udupi cuisine.

Udupi cuisine regularly uses pumpkins and a number of gourds in its thin lentil curry known as sambar. Other ingredients regularly used in these dishes includes pepper, coconut, raw green banana, red chillies etc.

Although Udupi has no dearth of hotels, it is recommended that try the meals provided at the temples. These temples provide at least one meal per day to all of its devotees, free of cost. This food is hygienically prepared on a daily basis, and is served by the temple staff themselves. The food served in the temples are taken as prasadam- a religious offering from God.

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How to pick the best package tour?

Given that all of us only get a few days off to go on holidays, it seems sensible to let professionals take care of the planning and other travel necessities, while we enjoy the time off to the fullest. Apart from being convenient, it also ensures that we have the best possible experience without us having to deal with the hassles of choosing the place to visit and booking accommodations. This is one of the main reasons for the growth in popularity of group tours.

It is best to choose the right group tour that makes the best use of the time you have. Do some research on the package tours available and pick one that suits your requirements. Do not rush into the first tour package you find, no matter how attractive the deal is. Due diligence in choosing the right package tour is absolutely essential for a memorable trip.

Choose tip offers over budget. Spend a little extra on a trip to get the best experience is much better than choosing a cheap option which might result in substandard services.

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Abbey Falls- at one with nature

Nestled in the midst of the picturesque locations of Coorg, Abbey Falls (or Abbi falls) is one of Karnataka’s most famous tourist attractions. Located in the middle of the Western Ghats, the falls is surrounded by nature, and is a treat for any nature lover.

The falls is made by the early reaches of the river Cauveri. The falls itself is located in between private coffee plantations, where one can witness a plethora of coffee bushes and spice plants surrounding it. The hanging bridge located just across the falls is the best place to view the falls in all its glory.

This was earlier named as Jessi falls, after a British officer’s wife. But back then, this area was covered in thick jungle, and had difficulty in accessing the place. However, years later, this place was rediscovered by Neravanda B. Nanaiah, who bought the place from the government and converted it into the coffee plantation it is today.

The place is easily accessible from Madikeri via a well laid road system that leads to the coffee estate. Once inside the estate you will have to trek a short while before you can reach the waterfalls. You can fallow the roar of the waterfalls that you hare at the road in order to reach the place.

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